2022 // Mixed media, balsa wood stamps and dried SCOBY

A generative mark making tool kit that captures various forms and textures found in nature. Materials such as tree barks, dirt, fiber were sourced to produce a collection of forms to deter from the idea that visual language in design should be “clean and vectorized”. Inspired by the concept of “weathering”, the kit enforces a stronger connection between the user and the natural world – observing the process of repeated pressure or friction applied to a surface. Over time, the object shifts in appearance and new marks or dents are formed.

The stamps allow for the generation of multiple, endless forms and open-ended systems. They can be edited, changed, arranged, rearranged, and improvised by the user. The kit encourages users to work freely and mindlessly, embracing an intuitive way of working that focuses on the act of making. 

The tool kit consists of: 32 wooden stamps, a sample book that opens up to a poster showcasing marks that each stamp makes, and 3 stencils made from Scoby. Scoby, a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, is a natural material and fementation culture. It is commonly used to prepare sour foods and beverages such as kombucha. When cleaned and dried, it becomes a durable and reusable material that is thin and leathery to the touch.

PROCESS AND PROTOTYPING – found materials, bark, rubber, clay explorations