part 2 of 3

2022 // 14ft. long accordion fold

Collaborative project – a manual about death rituals performed at the maiyat/मैयत, which was then burned it to reflect one of the final steps of the ritual and to practice the act of letting go.

In Hinduism, death rituals follow intensive practices that are believed to aid the dead in reaching liberation. The rituals ensure that the soul leaves the body and is freed to prevent the soul from returning. The manual opens up like a fan and is best viewed as a collaborative experience, holding 1 spread per person in a circle.

Each spread contains a step from the ritual and requires the viewer to reflect and write down the name of a lost one or something/someone they miss. Some of the spreads also contain interactive elements that relate to the ritual, such as tying a knot three times or taking three deep breaths. The collaborative meditative experience mimics the structure of the maiyat.